Happening now at “Green Cities Rome” organized by European Green Party, after Habitat 3 UN meeting in Quito


 “The main aim of this conference is to share Green best practices from across Europe in reducing air pollution and enhancing mobility in cities” says the Coordinator of the European Green Party local councillors network Evelyne Huytebroeck.

“Pleasant, green and clean urban environments need to become a real political priority. With more and better public transport cities like Rome can cut traffic congestion and both air and noise pollution can be reduced” adds Co-Chair of the European Green Party Monica FRASSONI.

At Green Cities Rome we now hear an address from the Mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris:

“Walls are not the way to defeat terrorism. Naples is a city enriched by its foreign & refugee citizens”.

Greens believe that people must come 1st when it comes to urban planning & mobility. This topic is now being discussed at Green Cities Rome.

We now hear from Silke Gebel, member of the Berlin Parliament from the German Green Party: Berlin map of environmental justice, explained by Silke Gebel. Airpolution hitting poor areas of Berlin disproportionally.

“La lutte contre la pollution de l’air est une Q d’environnement, de santé mais aussi de justice sociale”, selon Silske gebel.

Green MEP Karima Delli shows gratitude to local councillors who are fighting to combat the dieselgate scandal for improved air quality:

“Merci à l’action des élus locaux sur le diesel, qui est complémentaire du combat que je mène au Parlement EU!”. “Il n’y a pas eu de com d’enquête au Parlement EU sur un pb sanitaire depuis 16 ans, c’est déjà une victoire”, selon Karima Delli.


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