Housing is a Human Right, according Leilani Farha in Habitat III, by Morsolin


During Habitat III in Quito, Leilani Farha, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing, declared:

“We want to create an umbrella to showcase that there is a global movement on the right to housing & we are a force to be reckoned with.

We are here to talk about ideas for a new global partnership to tackle paradigms that compromise the right to housing & human rights.

We are here to bring forward the right to housing in a meaningful way.

We need to have a long-term vision. We need multi-actors. We must be bold. We need concentrated messaging. We need resources.

Human rights is a creative process, it’s a method of work & collaborative engagement.

Effective strategies will recognize those living in homelessness & inadequate housing as key actors in their design & implementation.

Strategies must recognize the equal dignity & rights of all urban residents & reject labelling of “vermin” “criminals” “social problems.

Creation of housing strategies key to NUA; must recognize social exclusion,  nequality & discrimination as root causes of housing disadvantage

New Urban Agenda recognizes right to housing must be progressively realized, but we must also transform how we view housing.

Inclusive cities requires the full protection of all human rights and equal access to justice.

Holy See in UN: Housing is more than a roof – much to do with a sense of personal dignity & growth of families. Points to right to housing”.

People’s homes are not commodities: cities need to rethink housing

By Leilani Farha:


World’s slum dwellers, homeless must be protected with right to housing: UN expert:




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