Morsolin wrote new book “Renovadas formas de hacer oposición” with Rosario University of Colombia

libro UNIV rosario

Acción no violenta y lucha antimafia: ¿Qué puede aprender Colombia de Italia?

Author: Cristiano Morsolin

Pág. 225 – 278


The struggles of nonviolent civil resistance become important trends facing increasingly widespread mafia reconfiguration of states. The ideal concept that defines the modern state which has a monopoly of legitimate force, faces tensions encourage by the political effects of globalization, a trend observed, inter alia, in the validity of concepts such as sovereignty, justice systems, autonomy development, etc., but also in some countries, extended privatization of use of force, all of which in any way call into question the current definition of the ideal-typical. However, civil society has played and tends to play increasingly a role in the building and validity of a modern democracy, feedback for transnational processes seeking to recover the impersonal rules of law for the societies. The Italian case and its history of struggle of nonviolent civil resistance and its translation in a large contemporary anti-mafia movement, is a reference for to reinterpreting and redefining the role of citizens in relation with phenomena that are also renewed for the active presence of powers of illegal origin.




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